Accounting Associate

Company Name:
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Job Description: Your main responsibilities will be:
-Posting vendor payments
-Pulling remittance invoices
-Responding to carrier and vendor inquiries
-Pulling reports from QuickBooks for CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager
-Matches invoices to checks

Requirements and Qualifications: You must have an "Everything Is My Job" attitude, the accounting department doesn't typically have job descriptions so a lot of people handle a lot of different tasks. If given a task, you must be able to run with it. Attention to detail is critical you must be meticulous in your data entry since many of the systems don't easily allow for error corrections. You will have completed a 2 year (A.A.) degree or 1 year related experience. You will have demonstrated strong skills in Microsoft Excel - must be able to manipulate spreadsheets easily, export reports, V-lookups & pivot tables. You will need to have excellent communication skills verbally and written, as well as able to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages and volume.

How To Apply: Please apply at www.hiregy.com

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